Are you looking for work experience in Europe? The EURES network can help you in your job search thanks to its large network. Financial assistance may be provided under certain conditions. 


  • You’re 35 and under 


  • To travel to a job interview: the amount of help is calculated according to the distance to travel
  • To settle in a new country of residence: the amount of aid depends on the country of installation chosen and is between 700 € and 1400 € (the program does not provide assistance in the search for housing)
  • To take language courses related to the mobility project: reimbursement of fees after the courses
  • To validate your qualifications and have your diplomas recognized: reimbursement of expenses up to 400 € after the steps

Warning : You can only benefit from the same type of financial assistance once. It is not possible to obtain financial assistance for an action already financed in full or in part by your (future) employer. 


  • You have obtained an interview or an employment contract of at least 6 months and at least half-time in one of the 27 Member States of the European Union, in Iceland or in Norway 
  • You are domiciled in Belgium 
  • You are registered with Actiris 
  • You are of European nationality 
  • You submitted your request for assistance before your departure abroad and as soon as possible before the start of the action for which financial assistance is requested (e.g.: before the day of the job interview, before you start your employment contract, before you start language classes, etc.) 


  • In one of the 27 Member States of the European Union, Iceland or Norway 


  • 6 months minimum 

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