Forum on the implementation of training courses dedicated to social street work

In november 2018, Edwin de Boevé, director of Dynamo International, and Antoine Ketikila, director Social Street Work Support Committee (CATSR), in Kinshasa, went to Dakar (Senegal) for a workshop session about the implementation of training courses dedicated to social street work. Minutes from the discussions are to be found here (in French only).
Coordinated by the Haute Ecole Condorcet (a Belgian school), the discussions aimed to create synergies between teachers and social workers from Belgium and Senegal. Indeed, the participants were representatives come from :
• The Haute Ecole Condorcet (Belgium)
• The Research and Higher Education Academy (Belgium)
• The Association for the Promotion of Education and Training Abroad (Belgium)
Dynamo International (Belgium & DRC)
• The Center for Judicial Training (Senegal)
• The National School for Specialized Social Workers (Senegal)
• The Collective for Children and Youth in Crisis Support also known as the COSAED (Senegal)
Antoine Ketikila and Edwin de Boevé were involved in 2 activities : a workshop about social street workers’s training program and capacities strenghtening days for the members of the COSAED, the Senegalese social street workers’ platform.
Antoine Ketikila, the CATSR’s director had the opportunity to present social street work in DRC, its specificities and how it is related to the community and local authorities. He also presented the National Institute for Social Workers, in Kinshasa.
Edwin de Boevé for his part insisted on the importance of social street work across the world and the need for a official recognition of their profession. The capacities strenghtening was mainly about the interaction between project management and social street work.