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The project in Haiti

Planatruch seeks to lobby the Haitian government and international human rights bodies, particularly those focusing on the rights of street children, with the aim of establishing a system of social support for people in street situations

Dynamo International CATSR République Démocratique du Congo

The programme in the DRC

This program is endeavouring to help bolster the application of the law on child protection in the DRC with a special emphasis being placed on children in street situations and their specific needs via the street social work method.

The project in Senegal

The project aims to help promote and protect the fundamental rights of highly vulnerable children by developing awareness-raising and advocacy activities in Senegal.

Le Collectif des Structures d’Appui aux Enfants et jeunes en Difficultés (COSAED) au Sénégal

About international cooperation

Dynamo International’s development cooperation projects and programmes meet the grassroots needs of the network’s members.

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