The Haitian National Platform of Street and Community Social Workers (PLANATRUCH)

The Haitian National Platform of Street and Community Social Workers (Planatruch) was officially formed in 2017 with support from Dynamo International.

The platform’s social aims

Planatruch seeks to lobby the Haitian government and international human rights bodies, particularly those focusing on the rights of street children, with the aim of establishing a system of social support for people in street situations, as well as advocating to gain official recognition for the status of street workers in Haiti.

2018-20 project – Vocational training and recognition for street social work in Haiti.

Planatruch is, with Dynamo International’s support, currently undertaking the 2018-2020 project “Vocational training and recognition for street social work in Haiti.” The project trains street social workers, not just in terms of street practice in order to improve the support offered, but also so that they can run awareness-raising and advocacy initiatives to gain recognition for street social work and ensure respect for the rights of children in street situations. Street social workers now need a new wave of more specialised training courses so that they can diversify.

Planatruch represents 111 members across the country, and they are grouped into regional platforms:

  • PLATRO: West Platform.
  • PLATRUSE: South-East Platform.
  • PLATRUS: South Platform.
  • PLATRUAR: Gonaïves Platform.
  • PLATRUNE: North-East Platform.
  • PLATRUN: North Platform.
  • PLATRUNI: Nippes Platform.

Contact person

Me. Benito CIGNAC, national coordinator

Mathilde Dufranc, coordination Dynamo International – Street Workers Network

Project partners :

  • COTESR : Umbrella group for organisations working with children in street situations
  • Mobile School program
  • ATTRueQ : Quebec-based member of Dynamo International’s International Network of Street Social Workers
  • SwTI : Street work Training Institute

Dynamo International is a member of plateforme Haï in order to ensure a consistent approach to the initiatives run by Belgian organisations in the country.

With the support of Wallonie – Bruxelles International