Joining the network

How to join the network as a person, group, institution, organisation or association

Any person, group, institution, organisation or association that adheres to the Dynamo International – Street Workers Network Charter and wants to join the network, can do so, if it abides by the conditions and procedures listed in the regulations.

Based on the type of membership application, Dynamo International – Street Workers Network accepts three types of member:

Internal Regulations Dynamo International – Street Workers Network

Consult Internal Regulations

Platform membership criteria

  • Adhere to the values set out in the Charter.
  • Bring together at least eight street social workers who work on the streets.
  • Arrange meetings, consultations and exchanges of practice.
  • Be a grouping with its own identity or an informal grouping supported by an existing structure.

Platform membership process :

1 – Submit the application ?

Marianna  Toteva Pisarska
+359 (0) 2 946 11 56

Matthieu  Forest
+41 (0) 79 294 54 70

Ximena Rojas Landivar
+591 (0) 75003113

Francis Lacharité
819 314 5788

Jean-Christophe Rickman
+977 (0) 16 224660

Anja Manja SEGULIN
+ 386 40 745 177

+ 43 316 34 66 32

2 – The application is scrutinized

  • The regional coordinators scrutinize applications and in particular check that they meet the eligibility criteria, working with the technical team.
  • The applicant platforms receive full information about the activities organised by the network and can be invited to Pilot Group meetings.

3 – Membership decision

  • The regional coordinators then submit the applications to the Pilot Group.
  • The Pilot Group debates the applications and asks for clarification. The PG can take one of three decisions: the application is accepted, put on hold, or rejected.