General strategy 2023 – 2027

Dynamo International – Street Workers Network aims to structurally and sustainably reduce the inequalities encountered by people in situations of social exclusion, and in particular populations in street situations, by respecting and defending human rights.



The Network’s general strategy was presented to the National Center of Development Cooperation (CNCD) in February 2023.

The Networking line is partly financed by the proceeds of Operation 11.11.11. organized each year by the CNCD and attended by members of the Dynamo International team and Board of administration



Dynamo International – Street Workers Network is developing as a strong, decentralized social movement based on a participatory approach and human rights.

Within the framework of the 2023 – 2027 program, activities will focus on consolidating the decentralization of the Network and the autonomy of regional coordination. This will strengthen good governance at the regional level and foster new participatory practices towards our strategic goal.


Result: Network identity is based on good governance

International Pilot Group

The International Pilot Group is the decision-making body for the Network’s strategies, and represents a high point every two years. They bring together all national representatives to determine strategic orientations and consolidate the community of practice. They are also privileged moments for the political mobilization of Network members and the reinforcement of its visibility.

The location of IPGs is chosen according to a rotation system that guarantees equity.

Regional Rules of Procedure

The governance of the International Network iis defined in the R.O.I., which was drawn up in a participatory manner. It governs the entire structure and operation of the Network. Each member of the International Network can make a proposal for modification at any time, which will be presented and voted on by the International Steering Group. This process guarantees the construction of a strong identity.

The regional coordinations plan to draw up regional R.O.I.s to reinforce good governance in their regions and consolidate each one their autonomy. These will be presented and voted on at the International Pilot Group in 2024.


Result: Regional coordination’s are based on a participatory approach and are autonomous in their operations.

Regional Pilot Group

Regional Pilot Groups are important meetings for the member platforms of a region, to reinforce a sense of belonging and solidarity between them, and to pool their regional priorities. Although exchanges during remote meetings bring results, nothing can replace the quality of exchanges during face-to-face meetings.

The program will include 5 days of work: meetings for exchange and coordination between members, field visits, advocacy on identified regional themes, and training based on specific needs identified by members (with the possible presence of external speakers).

Regional social diagnosis

The purpose of a social diagnosis is to obtain information on the work and actions carried out by the member platforms in the region, and to identify the direct and indirect impact of intervention on street populations. This document will then serve as a basis for developing training and advocacy strategies, future projects, programs, plans and policies to improve educational practice with street populations, and have an impact on improving government decision-making.

Annual reporting – Updated status reports

Regional coordinators (RCs) are responsible for reporting to Network members.
Each year, the RCs submit an activity report to the technical team, summarizing the activities carried out by the regional coordination and the members of the region.
Every two years, each RC will submit a status report on its region. It will be drawn up with the participation and collaboration of the region’s member platforms.
The report will focus on the results and difficulties encountered during the period, taking the social diagnosis carried out in each region as a basic reference.  The regional coordinator will collate and summarize the data.
Each regional coordinator will present the state of play in his or her region to the International Pilot Group.

Summary of activities 2023 – 2027

  • Organization of International Pilot Groups in 2024 in Africa and in 2026 in Asia.
  • Draw up regional internal regulations.
  • Organization of regional pilot groups.
  • Draw up a social diagnosis for each region.
  • Produce an annual activity report for each region.
  • Produce a biannual report by region (2024-2026).

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