Senegal – National Talibé Child Day Advocacy April 20

April 20 was celebrated in Senegal, especially in the regions of Dakar, Tambacounda and Saint Louis.

In Tambacounda, the street social workers – organised a radio/TV show on ALKUMA.TV to address essentially four points that were followed by debates.

  1. Why the Talibé Children’s Day Celebration
  2. Presentation of COSAED and DGD project
  3. The problem of talibé children
  4. Advocacy to denounce the various forms of exploitation suffered by talibé children

As for the region of Saint Louis, it was the station ZIG FM that was chosen to raise awareness about the situation of these children who are forced to beg in the street to survive.

Talibé children are students of the Koranic school, often sent by their parents to the city to study under the tutelage of a Koranic master to receive an education. However, most are exploited.

During the show, those responsible for the protection structure, the association of Imams and Ulamas, and the association of Ndayous Daras (godmothers) questioned the fate of begging talibé children.

Through this broadcast a very strong advocacy was made to the decision-makers, the community, the parents to take measures to put an end to the exploitation of children.

For the Dakar region, the Radio station WALFADJRI has enabled the Street Workers to raise public awareness of the living conditions of talibé children, followed by the distribution of shoes to begging children who walk barefoot during their activity of begging.