20 years of Dynamo International presence in Vietnam

On the occasion of the anniversary of 20 years of cooperation with Dynamo International asbl and 10 years of partnership with Wallonia-Brussels International (WBI) in the care and protection of children in precarious situation in Vietnam, the Hochiminh-ville Children’s Protection Association (APEH) organized a week of activities, which takes place from 29 July to 03 August 2019, to create a useful platform for vulnerable children and also for educators working directly with children through effective exchange and sharing of services in the community.

With the support of the General Delegation Wallonie-Bruxelles (WBI), Dynamo International Street Workers Network in Vietnam, in collaboration with Dynamo International, has implemented a number of projects which are particularly important for the protection of children in disadvantaged situations and for the training of field street teachers. Many communication tools, training materials, pocket books and thousands of pamphlets are printed and distributed to children and families.

4148 street children and youth from eight provinces and cities involved in the network, received financial assistance for their professional training, the practice of the trade, foreign language studies and psychological, medical, social and legal support. In addition, they were able to take courses in creative art, learning life skills, self-protection skills against the risks of multiple mistreatment.

1308 parents and relatives of young people were made aware of the protection of young people and participated in the various communication sessions on children’s rights, in order to participate in the fight against exploitation, abuse and abuse of children.

256 street educators participated in training courses to improve their professional skills to help different types of children in disadvantaged or distressed situations.

The ceremony of 29 July 2019 organized on this occasion in Hochiminh-Ville, with the presence of representatives of Dynamo International asbl Belgium, was successful.

➔ Read the article (p14) published published in WBI Letter No. 45 – Hanoi (FR – Vietnamese)