Civil dialogue and structured discussion between DG Employment of the European Commission and civil society organisations

Dynamo International – Street Workers Network is recognized as a European network to combat poverty and social exclusion and, as such, we are participating in the ongoing process of the Strategic Dialogue between the European Commission and civil society inherited from the Lisbon 2020 Strategy.
Civil dialogue is the ongoing and structured discussion that DG EMPL maintains with civil society organisations. The general focus of the dialogue is inclusive growth, centred on improving the social dimension of the EU through addressing poverty, improving employment, activation, social cohesion and inclusion and ensuring a stronger link with the European Semester.

See article of Edwin de Boevé, director of Dynamo International, published on 15th October 2019 :

➔ Fighting homelessness and housing exclusion in Europe, national reports and synthesis report, ESPN, 2019

In the framework of this Strategic Dialogue, the European Commission launched a feasibility study of the European Child Guarantee initiative.
Proposals were developed through 1 consultation and 4 workshops.
Marianna Kolovou from ARSIS (Greece), Mariana Toteva Pisarska (Bulgaria) and Edwin de Boevé participate in these workshops:

  • Children with disabilities, Bucharest, 9-10 September 2019
  • Children residing in institutions, Riga, 23-24 September
  • Children with a migrant background (including refugee children), Malmö, 10-11 October 2019
  • Children living in precarious family situations, Rome, 22-23 October 2019

Our participation inspired the «Political Declaration of Dynamo International» that you can consult on the website.

➔ Policy Statement on the Child Guarantee Initiative – October 2019