Conference to inspire quality street social work!!! Slovenia

Throughout the event, participants had the opportunity to participate in meaningful discussions on the quality of street work, share knowledge, discuss best practices and explore innovative approaches.

On May 11th, 2023, the Inspiring Quality Street Work Conference brought together street workers, youth workers, policymakers, and professionals connected to street work at the M Hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The conference, organized as the final event of the Inspiring Quality Street Work project, provided a dynamic platform for sharing knowledge, discussing best practices, and exploring innovative approaches to enhance the quality and follow-up of street work.

The event started with an introduction to the project’s outcomes. Attendees were introduced to a booklet dedicated to quality development in street work, which offered valuable insights into the reasons behind quality improvement. The booklet also contained a comprehensive set of quality indicators, empowering practitioners to evaluate and enhance the impact of their street work.

The content of the presentations can be found on this webpage:

A highlight of the conference was the presentation of The Logbook Street, a web-based system designed to facilitate documentation and follow-up of street work. This innovative platform gathered essential information aligned with the quality indicators, enabling practitioners to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and ensure the effectiveness of their work. The Logbook Street showcased the potential of technology in strengthening street work efforts and fostering data-driven decision-making.

Throughout the event, participants had the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions about quality in street work. In the afternoon seminars led by experts and practitioners covered a wide range of topics, including street work practices in different European countries (Czehia, Sweden, Portugal and Slovenia), individual work within the context of street work, and the application of motivational interviewing as a powerful tool. These interactive sessions provided a platform for sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, and gaining valuable insights from diverse perspectives.

The conference also emphasized the importance of collaboration and networking. Attendees had the chance to connect with professionals in the field of street and youth work, fostering new relationships and strengthening existing ones. By creating a supportive network, participants can continue to exchange knowledge, share resources, and collaborate on future projects, further enhancing the impact of their street work initiatives.

The Inspiring Quality Street Work Conference was made possible through the support of the Erasmus+ program and the Municipality of Ljubljana. Partner organizations in the project Inspiring Quality Street Work are KEKS stödförening (Sweden), Zavod Bob (Slovenia), CAS – Ceska asociace streetwork (Czech Republic) and CAI – Conversas Associacao International (Portugal).

If you want to know more about the project or be part of the pilot group testing the Logbook Street, you can contact us via: