Dossier: Consolidating the synergy between Belgian and Romanian social street workers

This project has permitted to consolidate the synergy between Belgian and Romanian street social workers for a strengthening of their field practices for the benefit of populations in street situations.

Dynamo International – Street Workers Networks in partnership with the Fondation Parada and with the support of the Commission Communautaire Française and Wallonie Bruxelles International, has carried out this project, which has enabled exchanges on a series of fundamental findings and recommendations concerning street social work in this period of prolonged health crisis.

The social street workers who took part in it were particularly aware of a certain common reality between Romanian and Belgian colleagues and consequently of a certain empathy between people of the same profession.

The social street workers have met many challenges in dealing with the situations on the ground that they faced and they have thus renewed their practices through a creative mindset and adaptability as well as an empathetic posture towards their audiences beneficiaries.

The complete minutes are available on our website in the Street Workers Network section.

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