Interview with a Dynamo International Mobility worker on adapting youth work to COVID restrictions in Belgium

Interview with Flo, youth worker at Dynamo International Mobility by LE.MO.N.

Dynamo International Mobility is part of the LE.MO.N. network, a federation of 15 European NGOs, from 13 different countries, working together to share and create high-quality educational projects that enable young people to live and work across Europe.

In this interview, Flo describes how the Covid-19 pandemic has forced youth workers to adapt and reinvent their practices in order to remain present for young people.

This health crisis will have given us time to question our various practices and to discover new tools to keep in touch as best we can. We have also been able to see how essential human contact is to our well-being and mental health, and that nothing really replaces physical presence.

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