One small step for Dynamo International, one big step for women’s rights!

On Monday 8 March, on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, not only the young people, but also the entire Dynamo International team mobilised. This day of struggle allows us to celebrate the rights of women that have already been won, but also to demand and improve the situation of women throughout the world.

Indeed, with the agreement and encouragement of the Board of Directors and management, the Dynamo women’s team had the opportunity to join the march to fight against sexism and defend their rights. During this day, the men of the institution were on duty to allow the women of the team who wished to mobilise to do so.

This institutional stance is in line with the values of Dynamo International. It shows the high level of interest in the values of inclusion and equality. Some members of the men’s team also joined us at the end of the day to lend their support to the struggle.