Inspirational guide: Mainstreaming children’s rights in development cooperation programmes

Platform for Children’s Rights in Development Cooperation (PKIO), 2020

Dynamo International is a member of the Platform for Children’s Rights in Development Cooperation (PKIO), a children’s rights platform for development cooperation, an informal group that gathers, organisations of civil society, institutions, individuals who are experts in that field.

PKIO platform members developed a guide whose main objective is to make professionals of development cooperation aware of children’s rights and to help lauching a mindwork about their own way of working and programs, espacially by asking themselves what is their impact on children.

This inspirational guide introduces several key-topics as the approach based on children’s rights and children’s rights program; offers mindways to better look for children’s rights along the project cycle; and suggests a branch of tools and further readings to go further.

The guide also permits to answer the following questions:

  • What is an approach based on children’s rights?
  • How to integrate children’s rights in development cooperation programs?
  • What are the existing tools?