IQ Street Work – Inspiring the quality of street work – Strengthen street work through documentation and follow up

Booklet published by KEKS, Slovenia, 2023, Conversas Associação International (CAI), BOB Zavod (Slovenia), Czech Association of StreetWork (CAS), EU-funded project, 2023

“The goals set for street work are, if they exist, rarely specific enough to guide the actions to be taken (and not to be undertaken), and street workers often must define their own agenda and have their own way of working. The result is great differences in approach and quality. Of course, this creates various problems. How to govern and finance street work when you don’t know what needs to be done? How to evaluate it? What skills to ask when recruiting street workers?” ….

“Therefore, the idea and purpose of this project was to formulate quality indicators for street work and to build a web-based documentation and monitoring system that would collect the necessary information.”