Laboeduca 9 #Our Epicurean Garden: Caring, sharing, creating

Jon Echeverría Esquina, Navarra 2022-2023 Asociación Navarra Nuevo Futuro - Laboratorio de innovación socioeducativa Huarte-Uharte, Henri Lenaerts Foundation, Innov@Social (Fundación CajaNavarra and Fundación La Caixa), New European Bauhaus, 2023

#OurEpicuroGarden is a social innovation project that aims to create spaces for coexistence around fixed and mobile gardens to promote dialogue and social ties. It’s a proposal for social education that combines nature, the care of plants, the care of men and women, artistic creation, and the exercise of citizenship. We promote spaces that encourage care, artistic creation, art and the promotion of coexistence.

#Our Garden of Epicure is an experimental project that has enabled us to carry out methodological tests on how to educate for care. It has been an opportunity to continue creating socio-educational contexts that help us better accomplish our social and educational task, promoting links, diversity, the collective dimension, and rights. We propose that in social and educational processes aimed at children and teenagers, we consciously work on the idea of care, which will help us to foster democratic coexistence and resolve the environmental crisis and the distribution of tasks in terms of equality.

This publication aims to convey the “music” of what has been done and learned, and to synthesize some of the keys we think are useful for further study. We are facing a complicated moment when we need to renew our relationship with others, with the body and with the environment.

Laboratorio de innovación socioeducativa ANNF

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