Participation of children and young people in international cooperation

Platform for Children’s Rights in Cooperation (PKIO), Belgium , 2022

“The right of children and youth to participate is not a secondary right or a gift!”

PIKIO is an informal group with expertise in children’s rights in international cooperation. The PKIO Steering Committee is composed of Dynamo International, Geomoun, Plan Belgique, Plan International Belgique, SOS Children’s Villages Belgium and Unicef Belgium. PKIO proposed in 2022-2023 to work on the theme of the right to the participation of children and young people in cooperation.

Presented at the Webinar on November 21, 2022, this PowerPoint takes up the 9 principles set out in Article 12 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child – ICRC 1989 – which states that “listening to the child is not enough, the opinion of the child must be taken into consideration, the right to participation of children and young people is not a secondary right, is not a gift”. This is followed by a reflection on the 9 principles, on implementation, concrete applications, and challenges, as well as on impact.

In 2024, training on the theme will be offered.

Available only in french.