Stories from the street – Personal experiences of street social work from across the world

Dynamo International - Street Workers Network, 2014

Over the past few years, the street social worker members of Dynamo International – Street Workers Network have been involved in producing several methodological tools . These tools
are drafted by adopting a «bottom-up» approach to gathering grassroots experience. These daily accounts, which are a reality for several hundred street workers working around the world, reveal a wealth of experience. We therefore thought that it was important to share some of this with others.

This publication is a collection of anecdotes, struggles and emotions. The stories have been grouped into themes such as rights, emotions, solidarity, resilience and violence. Of course, the stories in this collection are not representative of what is really happening in day-to-day street social work in all countries and corners of the globe. Nevertheless, they do offer us some insight and snapshots of specific, unique images which can sometimes be very striking.