Theoretical basis of street-based youth work

Anja Manja Segulin, Helder Luiz Santos, Karolina Panušková, Katja Rakovec, Nežka Agnes Vodeb, Niko de Groot, Tina Spruk, Vesna Pavlin, 2019

The theoretical basis of street-based youth work (street work) presented in this publication was created as part of the project Magic Wand for Street Work financed by Erasmus+. This project is an ongoing collaboration between five organizations from five different countries with the goal of establishing support elements for quality implementation of street work in different local environments across Europe.

We also aim to increase the visibility of street work at local, regional, national and international levels, which we recognize as an indispensable element for the further development of the field. The participating organizations are Zavod Bob (Slovenia), CAI – Conversas Associacao International (Portugal), Beroepsvereniging Kinder – En Jongerenwerkers from (Netherlands), Ceska asociace streetwork, z.s. (Czech Republic) and Udruga za mlade Alfa Albona (Croatia).