Québec – Street Work is 40 years old !!!

The Quebec network of street work organizations more dynamic than ever!

On April 17 and 18, more than 50 representatives of member organizations of the Regroupement des Organismes Communautaires Québécois pour le Travail de Rue (ROCQTR) met for two days of work on the group’s 2023-2026 action plan. This plan is based on 4 postures; to be a guardian of the practice, a representative of the members, an exemplary employer and an ambassador of the practice of street work.

The members have chosen to focus their energies primarily on 4 projects that will be worked on jointly with the Association des Travailleuses et Travailleurs de Rue du Québec (ATTRueQ), namely; the street work outreach project, the training project, the solidarity project and the employee well-being and integrity project. The group and the association can now count on a team of 4 people dedicated to the mission and activities of the organizations!

For the third consecutive year, we will organize a series of visibility activities as part of the national street work week, from May 15 to 21, 2023.

For more details: https://travailderueduquebec.org/

For more details on our organizations: https://rocqtr.org/  / https://www.attrueq.ca/