Go to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Taiwan and South Korea for up to a year to discover the country while having the possibility to work there if the need arises. 


  • You have a valid passport (valid at least 6 months after the date of return) 
  • You have a return ticket or the funds to get it 
  • You have a minimum reserve of 1000€ (for Canada, Korea, New Zealand and Australia, the reserve amount varies between 1700 and 3500€)
  • You don’t have health problems 
  • You took out travel insurance 
  • You will not be accompanied by any child(s) 
  • You don’t have a dependent child 
  • Your criminal record is clean 
  • You have not already obtained a VVT for the same country 


  • You’re between 18 and 30 
  • You have Belgian nationality (if you are not Belgian, contact us. There are possibilities depending on the country) 


  • Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Taiwan and South Korea (the 5 countries with which Belgium has signed the WHV Agreement) 


  • No funding 

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