The ASYA project

Advocacy for Street based Youth work and networking Action

Projet ASYA Advocacy for Street based Youth work and networking Action

A logical follow-up to the STREAT project (2015-2016), the ASYA project (2017-2019) ended in late September 2019. The project was designed and rolled out by the Asociación Navarra Nuevo Futuro ANNF (Spain) and the Street work Training Institute (SwTI), developed by Conversas Associação Internacional CAI (Portugal), and was run in partnership with Dynamo International. ASYA aided the real development of the Asian network of street social workers.

Training courses in Pamplona (networking and team-working), Nepal (advocacy), and Manila (trainer training), also enabled dozens of street workers to receive training and then subsequently train their colleagues, realising the project’s three specific objectives:

  • Networking: strengthen the links between organisations of socio-educational workers using the street social work method in this region of the world.
  • Advocacy: raise the awareness of the general public and decision-makers about the suitability of the street social work method.
  • Training: reinforce the skills of hundreds of socio-educational workers in Asia.

Key project achievements

The Asian partners (Cambodia, Hong Kong, Nepal, Philippines, East Timor and Vietnam) now form a group that is organising itself, meets up and helps each other, particularly since the seminar held alongside the Pilot Group in Nepal in October 2018, where several new Asian platforms submitted their applications to join the DISWN Network.