Testimony of Rémus Lauture on the Haiti 2019–2021 project led by Dynamo International

During three years, the project had many different impacts, both on street social workers and on the beneficiaries, children and youth in street situations.

I wish to testify about the impacts observed in children. During the implementation of the project, various activities were carried out for minor children in Haiti in eight out of ten departments of the country. Among the activities conducted with the most vulnerable children including those in street situations in Haiti, we have achieved a lot of awareness on self-esteem; on social and family reunification, I want to mention also the synergy developed with other local social partners working with miners in general, especially the most vulnerable.

Many changes have taken place, especially from a health point of view for children and families, mainly at the economic level. With the support of Dynamo International, our partner, children are used to receiving donations either directly, clothing, hygienic items, etc. or indirectly through the distribution of food kits, seedlings, etc. to their parents. This has created economic autonomy for parents by helping to meet the needs of families for a significant amount of time.

However, it should be noted that the national platform PLANATRUCH is not alone in its actions. The platform works closely in cooperation with other institutions of civil society or the State, both in the departments of North (Cap Haïtien) and South-East whose activities in Jacmel are concrete evidence.

In conclusion, I can say that many street children have been reunited with their families, whether they are biological or not. Through our awareness-raising program, we have helped many children who were initially desperate, humiliated, marginalized, to regain their confidence in themselves and themselves, to discover and externalize their full potential.


Rémus Lauture, Street workers in Haïti