Testimony of Vicky, Dynamo International volunteer

My name is Vicky, I am 25 years old and I left Thessaloniki, my city in Greece, to come here in Brussels, live for one year and work as a volunteer in Dynamo international. When I arrived at Dynamo almost 4 months ago, I could not imagine that I would learn so many things in so little time. I remember that I was very nervous about meeting all those new people and then, when I started knowing them better, I realized that it will be an amazing year. Every day is a challenge for me, I work in a totally new environment, with new people, I try to speak french and to communicate with everyone in a foreign language and it’s not always easy, but I love challenges and this one is by far my favorite. Of course, the part of my work in Dynamo that I enjoy the most is the activities we create. Some of the activities that I enjoyed the more are the climbing session, when we participated in the climate march, the volunteering in porte d’Ulysse and the atelier of photography.

I’m looking forward to more challenges, more activities and to whatever the next months will bring!

Vicky, volunteer at Dynamo International Mobility Service