The We Mix project allows an exchange between young Belgians and young unaccompanied foreign minors

Meeting between young Belgians and unaccompanied foreign minors to strength intercultural links

This year, for the second time in a row, we carried out the We Mix project, which aims to bring together young Belgians and unaccompanied foreign minors to share common experiences. The young participants came from Dynamo International, Dynamo AMO and the Red Cross centre in Uccle.

We held a first three-day camp in August in Gedinne, Belgium, with a programme of cooking, cohesion, a visit to the Han caves, swimming, hiking and a time to imagine how the young people would like to meet again. The young unanimously decided to meet again through a new camp which took place in Brussels in October. This last camp was imagined by the young people while respecting the budget that was imposed.

It was a wonderful experience in which the young people were able to forge links with others from a completely different culture.