Youth Exchange BOOSTed by Erasmus +

Be On One Stage Together! Beyond borders and cultures!

Youth Exchange 2022

This month of July 2022, the young people of Dynamo International Mobility participated during 9 days in an Erasmus + Youth Exchange project co-initiated and co-constructed by the association Gones Force 6 from Lyon, France. The invited countries were Italy, Turkey and Belgium.

This project was about the exchange and the discovery of the other’s culture. More specifically, the project dealt with the meeting of young immigrants and young natives from the participating countries.

During this exchange, the young people were able to share their personal reality. They were able to express their difficulties, their differences, their facilities and especially their similarities.

The project took place in 3 phases:

– The meeting of the other participants and the discovery of the Erasmus + process

– The exchange around the differences and similarities as well as the discovery of the city of Lyon

– The solidification of links and the sharing of knowledge acquired during the stay.

Lyon was a beautiful city by night as well as by day. This country and this city have a rich history in relation to Europe’s past. The culinary culture of the city of Lyon and the atmosphere in its streets kept our senses awake and satisfied our curiosity.

Finally, the discovery of the other is never enough as it is never finished. We are therefore delighted to have been able to get closer to the Italian, Turkish and French culture but we still want more thanks to Erasmus +. Thank you for this great opportunity.