Youth Exchange : Moving towards adulthood, a taste of freedom – Turin

On August 16, 2023, Dynamo International was invited to take part in an Erasmus + project organized by A.M.E.C.E. For 9 days, young people from Italy, Spain, Turkey and Belgium reflected and discussed together on the transition to adulthood. All these young people, from different backgrounds, shared the specificity of the culture of their countries of origin.

Thanks to the workshops organized by AMECE, they learned to live in a community, to be autonomous, to make decisions democratically and as ecologically as possible.

The young Belgians took public transport for 13 hours to get to know each other and arrive at their destination. There, they discovered the fabulous mountain scenery of the Mondrone region. Afterwards, they visited the charming city of Turin, with its typical buildings and streets, under a relatively warm Italian sun. The young Belgians returned home on August 25 richer for their social experiences and cultural learning, with their heads full of memories.