A camp to build even more links between the youth collective of the Dynamur project

With the « Dynamur » youth collective, we were lucky enough to benefit from the support of the Nomad Project of the city of Namur, to finance a 5-days camp in La Panne. This project, conceived and set up by the youngsters and carried out in collaboration with the AMO Passages organisation, was a great success!

During these 5 days, we had the pleasure to stay at the Flipper Center of La Panne which was very careful with us. We had our own hallway with a large room to meet. The youngsters were able to take advantage of this camp to create even more links between themselves, but also with their educators Emilie and Manon. It was also an opportunity for Miriana, the international volunteer from Dynamo Namur, to discover our beautiful Belgium and for Arthur, the intern from AMO passages, to thrill us with his creativity around great games, fun activities, and a zombie vigil that was more terrifying than ever!

We also took advantage of this stay to learn more about the Belgian coast and the repercussions of climate change, to cry and laugh together, to test our limits in the strong attractions of Plopsaland and to discover our talents, as much artistic as sportive! (By the way, I want to tell you that we found the Belgian Bowling King, he is part of our little group from Namur)

See you soon for new adventures! We can’t wait to continue the year with this group, more united than ever!