Dynamo International’s YOUTH are (also) committed against patriarchy!

Dynamo International Mobility has at heart to register its actions by focusing its attention on the gender perspective.

It is with this in mind that the team has set up several actions related to this theme in recent months! Indeed, activities with or without gender have been (and will continue to be) set up in order to move towards a more egalitarian world… Yes, there is still a lot of work to be done but we are here to, together, try to deconstruct the patriarchal system and the ambient sexism in which we see ourselves, unfortunately, evolving!

At the heart of these actions, we have participated in feminist walks with the Association Nom Peut-être, we have participated – with the support of the Board of Directors – in the March 8th march, we have set up EVRAS workshops animated by facilitators of the Family Planning of Ixelles – in close collaboration with our partners and friends of Dynamo XL and XL’Jeunes – and have had the opportunity to make the voice of women heard for an upcoming project of Habitats et Rénovations questioning us on the place of women in the public space in order to take into account our opinion for the planning of the urban space!

We do not intend to stop there! It is quite simple, the fight will continue as long as the inequalities of sex and gender – the structural sexism and all these forms of discriminations will exist!