Mid-term external evaluation report

The DGD 2017-2021 program « Access to rights for children, including children in street situations, is facilitated by the interaction between public authorities, the general public and civil society », funded by the General Management for Development (DGD), is implemented by the Comité d’Appui au Travail Social de Rue (CATSR), the Direction d’Intervention Sociales pour la Protection de l’Enfant (DISPE) in partnership with Dynamo International (DI). Following the contractual obligations, Terms of Reference (ToR) were published in 2019 to carry out the mid-term external evaluation.

Following the publication of the ToRs, Professor Raoul Kienge Kienge Intudi & Professor Sara Liwerant of the Centre de Criminologie et de Pathologie Sociale of the School of Criminology of the University of Kinshasa were appointed to carry out the external mid-term evaluation from June to September 2019. In this process of the mid-term external evaluation, a joint steering committee (SC) was appointed by the directorates of DI and CATSR.

This external mid-term evaluation focused especially on three branchs:


  • Is the cost-ambition ratio of interventions of project realistic?

Effectiveness – management modalities:

  • What are the advantages, bottlenecks and lessons to be learned regarding the project management modalities: between Belgian and Congolese teams between national and regional teams in DRC?
  • How the administrative and financial features of the program are operational?

Strategic questions:

  • How to systematize ESDR support in a quantitative way? How to calculate the number of children reached directly by the program (from year to year and in total)?
  • To what extent do school and professional reintegration and individual support by TSDRs produce the expected results for a stable social reintegration of ESDRs? (positive or negative impact)
  • How is the support for ESDRs in the center (static) and according to the TSDR approach (in an open environment) structured?

After the publication of the mid-term external evaluation report and the final restitution of November 2019, Dynamo International formulated a managerial response.