« No [B]order ? »

Thirty young people from Italy, England, Croatia, and Belgium as well as migrants residing in Belgium met in Belgium as part of an Erasmus+ youth exchange project carried out from 12 to 24 August 2019 leaded by the Youth Mobility team of Dynamo International.

The central idea of the project was to bring together these young people from different social, economic and cultural realities to exchange, share, reflect and compare their ideas around the theme of migration.

To do this, the group decided to ask qualified and competent bodies on the subject. The meetings and exchanges with several associations including Convivial, helped us to understand this phenomenon and to form an opinion on the issue.

Then, we went out on the streets to confront our ideas and opinions with those of the Brussels population through several mediums including puppets transformed into “micro-sidewalk reporters”.

Following that, the group of young people decided to create a small puppet show that dealt with the language barrier and all the misunderstandings that this creates.

This piece was shown during a show held at Studio Citygate on Saturday, August 24, 2019. A video has been made and is being edited. It will be posted on Dynamo International’s FB and SW.

Article written by Antoine Louyet

Youth Mobility Team, Dynamo International