#Issue 7 – Gender Rights approach and perspectives of Gender – Equality and the Empowerment of Girls, Adolescent and Women

Helder Luis Santos 2020-2022 - Street Work Training Institut (SWTI), Jon Echeverria Esquina - Association Navarra Nuevo Futuro (ANNF), Dynamo International – Street Workers Network (DISWN) With the support of the European Commission Erasmus+ program Americas Project, 2022

This booklet is intended to be a guide for an adequate incorporation of the gender equality approach in the design and implementation of the actions of educators including those of advocacy. It will be useful to social education organizations and youth work, and strengthen their strategies of demands, struggles for human rights, Stressing the importance of promoting change to reduce gender discrimination that specifically limits and affects the rights of girls and boys, adolescents, women, and men on the streets.