Laboeduca8 #KaleanCalle 2021-2023 #Nexus – Between school and the street: Connecting teams to care for children and teenagers

Jon Echeverria Esquina, Navarra 2021-2023, Asociación Navarra Nuevo Futuro (ANNF), UPV-EHU Educación Bilbao, Colegio Oficial Educadores-as sociales de Navarra, Innov@Social (Fundación Caja Navarra and Fundación la Caixa), Gobierno de Navarra (Derechos Sociales - Infancia y Familia) Erasmus+ capacity-building project #AMÉRICAS, 2023

#NEXUS is a social innovation project that aims to support schools through social education and strengthen community relations. Through activities with children and teenagers in different contexts, and by energizing forums between professionals, we learn to cooperate more and better. After several years’ experience in the field of child and teen care, we have built this project on the foundations of social street education, the community perspective and pedagogical renewal.

Society is undergoing a process of profound change, forcing us to think differently and make more appropriate and effective proposals. We must place transversality at the heart of our action, assert our vocation as a public service and not lose sight of the socio-educational objective of taking the best possible care of children and teenagers. And always keep in mind practical, concrete action linked to day-to-day reality.

Laboratory for socio-educational innovation ANNF  and

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