On the Street – A practical Guide for new social Street Workers

Don Irving & Simon Whitmore, 2013

This practical toolkit has been developed to support workers who are new to social street work ; evidence from across Europe suggests that many new workers are being recruited and delpoyed into potentially challenging situations on the street without appropriate support, training or resources.
There is a lot of literature from around the world that focuses on social street work guidelines and good practice; however, our research suggests that there is a need for a toolkit which offers new workers a checklist of practical suggestions, particularly in relation to issues such as preparing for the street, safe working practice and making initial contact.

This toolkit does not intend to tell organisations what to do, it is simply a practical way to add to the support for new social street workers entering the field, offering them a framework of ideas and suggestions from across the professional field that will guide them through their early days in street work

Greek version / Arabic version