Practical guide : Sensitizing school communities on street children issues using non formal education methods

Dynamo International - Street Workers Network, 2013

Project “Mobile School goes to School” had duration of a year (2013) and three European Partners were actively involved in its implementation. “ARSIS, Association for the Social Support of Youth”, (Greece), “Save the Children Iasi”, (Romania) and “Mobile School Düsseldorf, Jugendamt”, (Germany). The project was financed and supported by DYNAMO INTERNATIONAL, Street Workers Network within the European Union’s program for Employment and social solidarity PROGRESS.
The project was based on comprehensive social innovation actions to reaching and educating children from different perspectives. The project aimed at informing school children about their rights and the rights of other people in order to sensitize them on different social issues, by using non formal education tools one of which is the mobile school. Its main goal was to empower social consciousness of the children, in times where across the EU, due to the economic downturn, a rise of racism, xenophobia and discrimination has occurred. A connection amongst school environment and the street cultures and difficulties children face in this environment was promoted with this project.