Social participation and political training
Paving the way

Verônica Regina Müller, 2012

The topic addressed in this document is social participation and its relationship with politics. This is a presentation of concepts along with the authors personal opinions; it is not neutral. It is the fruit of practice developed in the town of Maring4 and its region with the inclusion of work carried out as part of the Multidisciplinary Programme of Study, Research and Defence of the Child and Adolescent at the Universidode Estodu­al de Maringa, the local Commission of the National movement of street children, the Brincodeiros Project, the Association of social educators of Maring6 and the Study Group on childhood, adolescence and youth. It is not our intention to spell out what is right or wrong, which would be adopting a colonial attitude (that we want to do away with), but rather to take the opportunity to contribute to critical thinking in relation to the foundations of our work within society as professionals and citizens.