Romania – A great recognition of the social work of the Parada Foundation !!!

Parada Foundation on the front line for Ukrainian refugees

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, Fundatia Parada has been on the front line of receiving and supporting refugees. Hundreds and hundreds of mothers, children, the elderly and the sick have found a good word and concrete support through our actions. Food support, social, medical, school support, non-formal education activities.

Lacking media attention, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees, exiled by war from their homes, continue to transit or take refuge, for a few weeks or for long months, our country. And we continue to support them, because a long-term tragedy is no less tragic. The reverse is true.

Last night I had the joy of our work to be recognized by the Rector and Senate of the Technical Construction University of Bucharest whose campus houses the most important reception center for Ukrainian refugees in the country. A great center, which would not have appeared without the dedication of hundreds of volunteers, university students, Romanians and Basarabians.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Care-Sera-FONPC consortium, which has continuously supported our actions in support of refugee children and adults.

Ionut Jugureanu, Director of Fondation Parada