SEBE a project carried out by young Belgian women to meet South Korean women.

From September 3 to 17, 2023, a group of young women brought to fruition a project that had occupied their minds and fueled their aspirations for two years. These two weeks, spent in Seoul, were the fruit of their dreams, hard work and goals.

During the first 2 weeks of September 2023, a group of 5 young women traveled to South Korea, and more specifically to Seoul. The aim of the trip was to exchange ideas and learn more about the situation of South Korean women.

The origins of this project lie in the shared interests and passions that brought the group together. Increasingly concerned by the situation of women in Belgium, they decided to get involved at various levels, so as to become aware of the realities and the range of things in place in Belgium.

To this end, the girls met with various associations that work with and support women at different levels. These included, for example, an association specializing in supporting women in need of legal assistance, as well as another working with local women seeking to emancipate themselves and take part in local and social actions.

At the same time, they took part in activities, discussion groups and demonstrations against violence against women. They have set up activities and exchange sessions for young girls.

It was their interest in the status of women, coupled with their desire to gain a better understanding of realities in another country, that prompted them to fly to Korea. Once there, they met their contact from the feminist association Women’s Right Plus of Korea. Together with women workers, Jihye and Hiyebin in particular, they were able to delve into the history of women in South Korea. Through a variety of methods, they were able to exchange views on feminism and support for Korean women.

The encounters, exchanges, awareness-raising and activities in which they took part enabled these young women to develop numerous skills, both individual and professional, which helped to strengthen their collective cohesion.  Added to this is the satisfaction of achieving their goals and dreams.

The group of young Belgian women took the opportunity to produce videos and interviews to continue sharing all their discoveries, good times, culture and emotions on their Instagram page. A way of extending their commitment and raising awareness of women’s causes, by sharing the fruits of their unique experience in South Korea.

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Imane Elmajd, social worker at Dynamo International, September 2023