Senegal – Reducing inequalities and gender-related violence

COSAED – Collective of Organizations and Structures of Aid and Support for Children in Difficulty – took advantage of the International Day of Street Children on 12 April to organize an activity on the theme “Positive gender and masculinities in order to carry out awareness-raising campaigns within communities and thus reduce inequalities and gender-related violence in the Dakar region.”

About 30 men, women, youth and thought leaders participated in the event.

Three personalities were chosen to animate the theme considering the socio-cultural context of Senegal:

  • man of the church in the person of Priest Paul
  • A guide to the Muslim religion Imam Sheikh
  • Street social worker with 40 years of experience Moussa Coulibaly


The two religious leaders had a convergence of views on the promotion of positive masculinity. For them it is not a new concept because in phase with the divine recommendations. Violence and inequality are divine proscriptions. There can only be complementarity between a man and a woman. Although women have a major role to play in raising children and therefore in preventing family breakdown.

A man and a woman must face the challenges of the home together, not to say life in its entirety.

The street worker by examples of children taken in charge in our structures explained how their families appreciated the strengthening of their skills in living together by the complementarity humility and mutual respect among others.

The ensuing discussions revealed the interest and support of all participants in the theme of the meeting.