Switzerland : An article to understand social street work better

“Social street work : building a strong democracy” could be the English title for an article written by Vincent Artison, one of Dynamo International Street Workers Network’s (DIWSN) expert. Artison, who is a street worker and a independent consultant, explains what social street work is about with a focus on Switzerland.
A look back on the origins of social street work
The full article is available at this link, in French : https://bit.ly/2XnNYHa
Artison first recounts the birth of social street work, in the early 20s Chicago, and pays tribute to the fouding fathers of the field.

The situation in Switzerland

Throughout the article, Artison addresses several topics related to street work. For example, he lays the emphasis on the nature of social street work, the daily life of workers or their career paths while focusing on the situation in Switzerland. Thus, he provides tools to understand how social street work started and has evolved in Switzerland’s many regions and/or language communities.

For more information

Vincent Artison is an expert of DISWN and has led training courses for the Network. He is also a consultant in social street work. He’s been interested in social practices or topics such as street work, migrations or addictions over the past 20 years and wrote a book entitled Outdoor social work and the issues of its formalization. A focus on the notions of security and insecurity published at Peter Lang editions (Berne).
The article is also available in German through this link : https://bit.ly/2KXd8G4