The El Caracol Association receives the Navarrese International Solidarity Prize

We welcome the awarding of the 2021 Navarrese International Solidarity Prize of the Government of Navarre to the El Caracol Association of Mexico; our colleagues inspired us by the development of the approach of rights in social workand we shared trips and meetings as part of the Dynamo International – Street Workers Network activities. Once again, the network is strengthened and expanded by mutual support and the visibility of street work.


 Luis Enrique Hernández, director of El Caracol, participated for a week in dialogues with young people, with professionals of international cooperation and social action, visited social action programmes and received the award from the President of Navarre, the Social Rights Advisor and the Director of Labour Kutxa.

The jury highlighted El Caracol’s trajectory, his commitment to street rights, his “proximity” methodology, and his fundamental role during the Covid19 pandemic crisis.

The Navarrese Association Nuevo Futuro nominated El Caracol and took it upon itself to accompany the winners.