No-one Left behind: Strengthen the Street Workers Network in Europe to connect, engage and empower youth in vulnerable situations

This project, financed by the European Union (Erasmus +) gathers partners, members of the Dynamo International Street Workers Network, in 13 countries of the region Europe :

Dynamo International – Street Workers Network (Belgium) porteur du projet – Irse Araba (Spain) –  CAI Conversas Associação Internacional (Portugal) – Dynamo France (France) – BVJong (Netherlands) – Open Group (Italy) – Dynamo Amo (Belgium) – Arsis (Greece) – Nisma Arsis (Albania) – CAS Czech Streetwork Association (Czech Republic) – Parada Fundatia (Romania) – Vilnius Social Club (Lithuania) –Mladez Ulice (Slovakia) – Zavod Bob (Slovenia).

Project objectives

  • Strengthen the network at European level, developing its organisational and mobilisation capacities to strategically address youth-relevant priorities.
  • Improve street-based youth workers’ ability to effectively address youth needs and aspirations, training a new generation of trainers and creating a space for exchange between peers and with young people.
  • Improve the mobility of youth in vulnerable situations and of youth workers across the EU, fostering the exchange of practices and strengthening youth workers’ capacity to mobilise EU mobility funding instruments.
  • Contribute to the shaping of youth-relevant policies at EU, national and local level, producing evidence-based recommendations and creating opportunities for youth participation in democratic life.
  • Raise awareness on the realities and aspirations of young people in vulnerable situations, making use of innovative communication tools, contributing to mobilise key stakeholders and the general public towards inclusive societies.

Lines of work

🡪 Capacity building
🡪 Research
🡪 Advocacy

NOLEBY – International Annual Advocacy Report 2023

Past activities

European Pilot Group:
Prague (Czech Republic) – October 2023

REPORT – European streetworkers meeting
Europe region pilot group 2023

Training of Trainers – Digital Storytelling and Participatory Action Research methods:
Ljubljana (Slovenia) – November 2023

These 4 digital stories have been created by groups of street workers, members of the Dynamo International Street Workers Network, from 12 European countries, during a training in Ljubljana, Slovenia. November 2023.

Link to the playlist on Youtube


🡪 Training online: tools and methods for engaging young people and communities in conversations about controversial issues. Trainer: Graeme Tiffany

Infos and registration: francesco@dynamointernational.org

🡪 Training of trainers

Vitoria (Spain) – October 2024