Two methodological guides on social street work translated into Slovak by IUVENTA, the Slovak Youth Institute

These guides were presented in detail by Edwin de Boevé, co-author and director of Dynamo International, at the conference on youth work, which IUVENTA organised in November in Ljubljana. IUVENTA has translated these documents in order to share these tools gathering methodology and international experiences in street social work.

International Guide on the methodology of street work throughout the world” summarizes the experience of social fieldwork at the international level and defines the basic elements of social fieldwork.

The role of group action in street work” provides recommendations for the implementation of activities with children and youth as part of social field work, as well as concrete examples of activities.

Both publications are aimed at social workers in the field as well as youth workers working in other contexts who wish to better reach youth in the field and engage them in interesting leisure activities.

Organisations that carry out social outreach work play an important role in defending the needs and interests of young people exposed to social pathologies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this role is more important than ever. In order to underline the importance of social action for young people, IUVENTA has decided to devote a session of its conference on 18 November 2021 to social action for young people. The institute also wanted participants to leave the conference with quality material that they could use in their work.

The guides were officially launched at the conference and are now available to anyone interested in the social field work method and interested in learning more, and those who use this method and want to improve their skills.