International Guide on the methodology of street work throughout the world

Annie Fontaine, Malin Andersson, Tran Quoc-Duy, Jon Etxeberria, Edwin de Boevé, Juan Martin Pérez, Sébastien Kabw Mukanz-Diyamby et Maïta Giraldi, 2008

Since their first meetings in 2000 and 2002, those involved in the international network of street workers have been concerned with sharing thoughts on the methodology of their practices. So, following the production of the training guide in 2005 “Social street work and communication with the media”, the members of the network have decided to tackle an international group project on the methodology of street work.

The challenge is a significant one. Such a guide is designed to be a practical training tool to help street workers improve their own practices on the ground. But it also purports to be a political tool to help improve recognition of this line of work and better comprehension of the situations faced by street workers and the people they interact with on the streets, almost everywhere in the world.

Above all, this tool must remain faithful to local specificities and diversities. More specifically, it consists of valuing a “particular way of thinking” characteristic of street workers “action in an international context, which favours a healthy, safe instrumental approach. Discussion of social street workers “practices throughout the world means investigating the main directions of our societies “development.

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