Youth exchange in Turin “STAND UP! Theater 4 Inclusion” organised by Euphemia

Today, we’re taking a piece of your news feed to show you through some pictures a few moments of our Youth Exchange “STAND UP! Theater 4 Inclusion” in Turin organised by Associazione di promozione sociale EUfemia.

On Saturday July 3rd, at 9.30 am, the Belgian team flew to Milan from Brussels airport. At that moment, a palpable tension not to miss the plane seized the group, and the Leader even more, but from the first day, solidarity was present to organise the transport.

There was also stress about the results of PCR tests, which had not arrived yet for one of us, replaced at the last minute by an antigen test at the airport.

Once we were at Milan, some of us had already achieved one of their goals, as they had experienced their first flight. There, at Milan Malpensa airport, we enjoyed our first pizza made in Italia, then went take the bus to Turin.

In Turin, in an Italian heat that was promissing us a nice stay, we managed to find the bus line to the hotel quite easily. On arrival at the hotel, the lovely Italian team gave us a great welcome. After a good meal, we played to our first games to get in touch with each other, young people from different countries : Poland, Portugal, Spain, Italy.

The following days were the time for presentations and the first exchanges in English with the other participants. We used to start our days with some “energizers” that encouraged body expression. Thanks to these small exercises, the groups got to know each other and a first bond was created between all of us. It was fun to see all the participants getting into the game and exchanging a few glances, some shy, others more assertive.

Then we presented our respective countries. As you know, as usual, the Belgian team used self-deprecation. For example, by presenting our 70 cm high national pride “the Mannekenpiss”. We also introduced them to some of our own foodstuff and we had the chance to taste some of the specific dishes presented by the participants of other nationalities!

We used to end almost every day with an evening in music, during which some of us improvised limbo, TWERK, Karaoke, … In short, we started to explore the universe of the other participants and, on the second day, we had already concluded that it was magical!

All along the stay, we were surprised by the quality of the animations with, in particular, improvisation exercises in which we represented everyday scenes where inclusion is not appropriate. As a reminder, inclusion means being able to evolve safely and ensuring that everyone has the same opportunities despite a potential difference.

Our last few days have gone by as quickly as a gust of wind. They were animated in the continuity of the animations on the theme of Inclusion, by restaurants, by visits of Turin, new friendships and evenings always more pleasant. You should have seen us on the last days, our eyes full of tears and our arms hanging on the hotel doors for some of us, when the time had come for us to leave !

Actually, we learned so much in English, we shared so many exceptional moments that they became unique and impossible to describe to you. On the last day, everyone knew that they had not come by chance and that they were returning home with their minds full of indelible memories and new international friendships.

We thank you for your attention, now let’s check the other projects in which you can become fully involved.

Julien, social worker at Dynamo International Mobility