Plan B², an intercultural exchange between Belgians and Beninese

This summer, a group of seven young Belgians accompanied by a social worker from the mobility team travelled to Cotonou, Benin, to meet young people from the Terres Rouges association and to learn about the problems of children in street situations and the tools and methods used with them.

This meeting, co-financed by the BIJ, allowed the two cultures to meet and to forge strong links in a meaningful project.

This two-week stay was rich in emotions, human learning, discovery and so much more! It is with sunshine in their eyes and memories in their hearts that the young people from dynamo returned to their country… to leave again…

Céleste, social worker at Dynamo International Mobility

This project in Benin was the most beautiful experience of my life. (…) I can’t find the words to explain how powerful this experience was. (…) This trip really changed me. These young people too. And for that I say thank you to them. To the next Cotonou. To this magnificent city. To the breathtaking landscapes. To the warmth of the air. To the bewitching smell. To the boisterous atmosphere. To the games of Adjai. To the spicy food. To the incessant horns of the zems. To the people I met. The unforgettable moments. The friends for life!

Sarah, 22 years old

This project gave me a lot (…) I had the opportunity to discover a country and a culture I didn’t know before and to meet very friendly people.

Stephane, 28 years old

This is one of the best projects I could have done and I am proud of it, because I realised a dream and I left there with a heart full of unforgettable moments, incredible people who have become friends now.

Danilo, 22 years old

These two weeks in Benin have taught me much more, professionally and personally, than several months in my daily life in Brussels. I wish everyone to be able to travel and to have the curiosity to discover what is around us.

Shadi, 22 years old

12 days of madness, 12 days of intense exchange and sharing, a stay I will never forget. (…). I came back to Brussels with the desire to go back as soon as possible.

Fidèle, 22 years old