Thank you all for your participation in the International Digital Forum of Social Street Workers

2020-11-25T14:10:03+00:0025/11/2020|Children and youth in street situation, Covid-19, Events, Migration, Political statement, Press release, Social exclusion, Social street work, Street Workers Network|

The International Digital Forum of Social Streetworkers permitted a better understanding of damages due to the pandemic on precarious people. During the press conference ending the week of debates, ...

Policy statement on covid-19

2020-09-22T11:24:31+01:0017/04/2020|Covid-19, Political statement|

Social street workers in America, Africa, Asia and Europe are concerned about the security excesses that some governments are taking in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, they are also worried about the decisions that these governments will take after this crisis in relation to the most excluded populations.

Covid-19: Letter from Edwin De Boevé


Since the Second World War, never before has a phenomenon, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, impacted so many people at the same time on a planetary level. In this particular context we also have important missions.

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