Thank you all for your participation in the International Digital Forum of Social Street Workers

2020-11-25T14:10:03+00:0025/11/2020|Children and youth in street situation, Covid-19, Events, Migration, Political statement, Press release, Social exclusion, Social street work, Street Workers Network|

The International Digital Forum of Social Streetworkers permitted a better understanding of damages due to the pandemic on precarious people. During the press conference ending the week of debates, ...

Open letter to European governments : Call for the urgent relocation of 1,800 unaccompanied children trapped on the Greek islands

2020-07-01T13:17:36+01:0028/04/2020|Migration, Political statement|

France, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Luxembourg, Croatia and Lithuania have already pledged to receive refugee children from Greece, away from camps such as Moria, where no child should live. But out of the 1600 children, only 62 have been moved so far. EU member states can do better. There is no time to lose.

No child should be stateless

2020-07-01T14:07:12+01:0009/04/2020|Europe region, Migration, Partner|

This paper, that Dynamo International – Street Workers Network endorsed, has identified some of the different groups of children affected by statelessness and the key barriers to preventing and reducing statelessness among children in migration in Europe.

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